He Bit Me

I went for a walk about with camera in hand in st. kitts. I walked away from all the shops and eateries for tourists and headed toward the place where the locals live and breath. This man saw me and said “5$ take picture of the monkey?” I like to contribute to the local economy so said ‘sure’.

The monkey of course looked at everything but me – and then the guy placed him on my shoulder. He promptly grabbed my hand and bit me. It wasn’t hard, but I could say his teeth felt a bit like ours. I said “Hey, He bit me!” and the guy answers “Oh no, he likes you, he is just curious.” RIGHT. Then the monkey started to explore my earrings & necklace, anything he could touch. He reached for my camera. I turned the lens up to face him and he stuck his whole head right in the lens hood. So that gives you a sense for the size of his head.

The guy then asks me if I came off a cruise ship, to which I replied, “why yes, don’t I look it”? He made some comment about my white skin and how my husband must be proud to be married to me. (A charmer!) Then he said, “Oh my monkey he would like a banana. And I’ll have some chicken!” Of course I just shook my head and laughed – as he did too. The best part of going anywhere in the world is meeting the people (and animals) who live there.


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