Circle the Globe on a Wave of Kindness?

B&H Photo is having a wildlife photo contest and the grand prize is a trip to Africa for a photo shoot. Wow!

We can win in two ways.

(1) Be picked out of a field of 11,000 or more entries (a very long shot)
(2) Be picked for having the most popular votes (still a long shot, but more plausible)

So I have begun my quest for votes in the digital age – since it might be easier to pull that off than to compete with the pros.

If you follow the link below, you’ll see one of my pictures. If you search for Jeanne Lightbody, you’ll see all nine of my entries. You’ll probably like one of them! You only get one vote.

IMPORTANT: They won’t contact you and you won’t get junk mail, but they ask for your email because you can only vote once.

So be part of the ripple — vote for the photo or another of mine that you like, and forward this email on to your friends with a BCC so the emails are kept confidential – and ask them to vote for my photo and forward to their friends and so on.

See if you can help me circle the globe on a wave of kindness.

If you don’t see the link, please paste this into your browser:

I want to vote for Jeanne!


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