Six of one, half dozen of another. I was going through my photos looking for examples of night photography because I’m taking a weekend workshop on shooting at night in Woodstock NY. I need some sample shots. Lucky for me they all fall in the category of “Needs Improvement”! I apparently have shot the night sky for some time now – at least fifteen years. Clearly I just kept trying. I am amazed at what I found given they survived the death of multiple computers and formats. Does anyone remember the floppy disk?

I’m pretty sure my night photography will sing after spending some time with a master, and using the right tools. It’s been an interesting tour through my files – looking at pictures I took with my low-end digital camera. I appear to have had a good life!

So what’s that got to do with six old ink paintings? These are early works – an art I took up in 2006 and still practice today. I’m a better painter now but somehow I love these because the potential is there and they remind me of what it is to be new and fresh and unafraid. They are way more interesting than six of my old night sky shots which clearly scream “you need a better camera!”
Six of one, half dozen of the other.

The Bee is Unaware






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