Beth and Jeanne’s Road Trip

Where is this? Well, I went on a road trip with a friend. It was a mission to pick up a kitten in Pennsylvania. I prepared for the worst: imagining the poor kitten would either yowl or throw up the entire 7 hours it would take to get home — so I rented a flat through VRBO on a small lake in Hawley, PA for a night on the way to Waynesboro where the kitten was. I wanted to treat my friend to something enjoyable about the trip since she might have to endure a miserable ride home.


As you can tell from the photo, it was sublime there. We sat out on the dock in the afternoon sipping cocktails and watching the wildlife. Deer walk right down the shoreline here. Here is a link to the rental we stayed at:

The kitten as it turned out, is a wonderful traveler who is content to either watch the other vehicles on the road, or nap, or even rest in someone’s lap. Are there not enough cats in Massachusetts you ask? I wanted a kitten with a sweet nature that would travel, and that liked other cats – as a feline companion for my 13 year old female who lost her brother in February.


My new cat is an 8 month old Ocicat kitten – and as beautiful as he is, since he doesn’t have the spots that Ocicats are famous for, no one really wants him. So I rescued him.

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