Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Last September I visited Vancouver and British Columbia. I fell in love with the land, animals, and people. Life is throwing them a huge CURVE right now.

While I was there, I learned about the threat from big oil companies. Now of course if you live some place else, you may not care about the problems in BC. They do matter to future generations.

I care very much after seeing the abundance of mammals and sea life that would be affected by the imperfect and ever rich oil industry. Accidents are not a question of IF. They are a question of WHEN.

So while I know it is not over until its over, when I read this article, I feel a bit relieved that for now Sanity prevails.

I am American so naturally I believe people can get behind a common cause and win. I know some of my Canadian neighbors understand what a jewel it is that their natural resources are and I join them in wanting to protect their land.

Look over my posts from October November 2012 to see the photography of the lands and animals in jeopardy. If you agree, please like this, comment it, and pass this post on through your facebook or twitter or what ever other social media you use.



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