She’s Got Style. I Want Some.

My painting teacher has a very distinctive style. I can google ‘sumie’ and his paintings will pop up among others. They are easily recognizable to me. I know his hand. My paintings also show a distinctive style. You can see my teacher’s influence on my lines, my ink – and the influence of other great masters long gone, but ultimately my paintings show a consistency that is mine alone.

I want the same for my photography. When others see it, they will know it was me behind the lens. I am sure this is something that will emerge overtime. I’ve seen it in some of your blogs.

I’m still discovering new subjects, and new ways of seeing the world – so I’m wondering what my photography style will be. Birds? Animals? People? Landscapes? Or will it be a consistent softness across all three? How about you? Do you see your own style in your photography? Is it something you set out to do or did it just happen?



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