Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

The word ‘escape’ conjures up fantasies of getting on a bus with a one way ticket and no real destination – or quitting our day job – things we only dream of but never actually do. Periodically I like to escape to where I can melt in and mix with people and places that are not part of my real world. I just feel more alive when my surroundings are unfamiliar and possibilities feel endless. I only want temporary escape. I am always happy to go home.

I took a bunch of pictures of animals at the Smithsonian Zoo. Most were snoozing in the sunlight and didn’t seem intent on escape at all. Are they just used to their confined way of life? Or do you think they have the equivalent animal dreams of buying that one way bus ticket?

I saw these young children, soaking themselves in a light wet mist of giggles to escape the early noon heat. Pure joy.


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