Anyone Else Excited for Spring?

I went to a meeting at a bird club last night with a friend of mine. The members all did short presentations of pictures they had taken over the year, on trips. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not but they seemed to start off with what I’d call the ‘budding photographer photos’ and slowly with each presenter the photos got better. I liked that – I’m still trying to take better pictures – and nothing worse than having your pictures follow the guys who can shoot sharp enough for Audubon.

I’m inspired to join and share some of my own work next year, which I intend to improve again this season. I bought my camera last May and wow were my shots technically bad. I spent a lot of time in a kayak shooting the marsh birds and slowly got better. I took my first ‘Bear in the Woods’ picture (about 600 of them and learned why I don’t want to shoot 8 frames per second on slow moving subject.)

Then I went to BC. I encountered some extraordinary scenery and animals so have some beautiful pictures (check out my older posts), and I also learned how much more I have to learn! I gained a new found respect for anyone with those great inflight shots –

What’s that got to do with a frog you say? Well, frogs are good subjects as long as you’re willing to sit quietly otherwise they just dunk below and the shot is gone. They are teachers who make you work for it, without over challenging.

They’ve got great eyes and expressive little faces. No wonder Kermit was so popular. I’m excited to get back in my kayak with my camera, meet some frogs and shoot. I bought myself a 400mm lens and a mono pod, so even with all that moving water and wind and me, I expect my bird shots to improve too.

I’ve got a bird club meeting to get ready for.

3 thoughts on “Anyone Else Excited for Spring?

  1. That’s a shot! I find photography to be a challenge, and therefore, use it as a media to practice composition and perspective. It is great that you are always working on technique and mechanical skill for the images you want to create 🙂

  2. Hi Allyson
    I find photography really relaxing – I am looking forward to the time when my camera is just and extension of my arm and I can focus more on where I put the subject in the frame and what I am seeing. The pain and joy of being a beginner 🙂

    Shooting my old 35mm camera with black and white film was so much simpler than today with all the different controls on my digital. (Nikon D7000)

    I am really lucky in that I know a GREAT bird photographer and he gives me tips to help things along – of course the challenge is finding a fresh perspective. You have some great subjects right outside your window or just a walk away – you have to shoot that gorgeous old tree in bloom.

    • I plan to photograph The Scholar in late Summer. Yes, you are right, the 35mm cameras were more of a natural capture tool then the digital cameras today. There are a lot of occasions where I just put my camera on “auto” a shot because if I don’t I lose the moment…things move too fast here.

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