honoring friends

Any of you who have the good fortune to love a cat will appreciate this – the love of a good friend
This is Bill, the light and love of my life who I had to let go on 2/7/2013

If you have never loved a pet, then I wish you this joy.
If you have, then I ask for your compassion for my friend as he transitions.

Thanks much

4 thoughts on “honoring friends

  1. Jeanne, I wish Bill continued love where ever he goes. Pets are really a person’s best friend. I am sad to hear you lost yours.

  2. Thank you Allyson – being a pet parent is hard because many people don’t understand how deeply we love these creatures who are put in our care. He was a peach and I’m sure what ever is next for him will be filled with more love. Thanks again.

    • Hi DZ
      Thanks for visiting. We lived with him for 13 years, and he worked with me at home – where i was, there he’d go. I don’t know who loved who more. I know he is on to bigger and better things and that’s a comfort. Little cat. Big personality. Meow.

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