Cuz I’m a swamp thang – do do do do (sung to the tune of Wild thing)

Well now the truth is out. There is nothing I love more, (ok maybe I do love some other things more, but not by much) than sitting in my kayak in a swamp. Stumps, lily pads and dead standing trees and the variety of creatures that live there are a thing of beauty to me. The places I wouldn’t want to swim in are the places I love to float in with my binocs and a camera handy – sipping an early morning coffee or late afternoon wine.

Since it is 1-1-2013 I’m thinking about how I am going to spend my precious free time in the year ahead – and looking forward to discovering six new places to float in. I’ve gone to six new places a year for the past six years. If you know of anywhere within a half day drive from Boston that sounds like a place for me, let me know!

It was pretty easy to keep this commitment – but now I’ve got to expand out and go to places that are close by but more challenging – like an ocean paddle, or further away (states beyond MA bordering states) but in the comfort zone. (slow moving, stumpy rivers)

Either way, I think it’s going to be an exciting year ahead – Cuz I’m a swamp thang!

Baby swallows on Contacook River, NH.

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