Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


Our own idea of how things should be is deeply ingrained. And when we see something that just doesn’t match the model – well – SURPRISE!

Notice anything funny in this picture? Depending on where you come from, this may not be surprising at all.

Since I live on the east coast of USA, I generally only see whales with water, a horizon line, and sky behind them. Maybe there is a water marker or another boat in the picture, but I’ve never seen them this close to a wall of granite or pine trees.

It was surprising to see these amazing creatures feeding and diving so close to the shore.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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    • You are right that it was very deep – it dropped off to about 800 feet – the whales were using the land mass as a wall – they push the schools of fish into them –
      Words are insufficient for the places and wildlife I saw. Canadian govt is considering running tankers through these waters. Heartbreaking threat after being there. Glad you enjoyed the photo.

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