Do Something You Love


It is unlikely that the world is going to end on Friday. But what’s wrong with living your life as if it was?

Do something you love to do. Hug someone who makes your heart sing. Laugh with people who are true.

This is a detail crop of one of three dragons in a painting that is about 18 inches tall by 42 inches wide. The original is in the Art Museum in Boston, but they don’t bring it out much.

This is the year of the Dragon, so I asked my teacher to teach me to paint asian dragons – who are benign mystical creatures – different from Dragons in European lore.

My teacher is a patient man who has painted many dragons, and he shared his gift with me. The painting reflects many quiet, but expansive hours.

So on my last day, (sort of) I’ll be painting. And when I’m done, I’ll meet my husband for dinner with some long time friends. And I’ll hug them all.

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