Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate


I have been reflecting – as I think many Americans have been about Newtown CT. There is a collective compassion in the air – we all want to comfort these people in this confounding event. I am struck by the delicate nature of time, by our loss of innocence.

When I was 8 years old we were told “Get your coat on and go out and play.” We could walk to a friend’s house two doors down without being accompanied by our parent. We could stay out at night and play ‘kick the can’ – a form of hide and seek. The play date was still a thing of the future.

In 1968 when this picture was taken, it was normal to let your children ride their bikes all over town or to walk five miles away to the library. We either walked to the bus stop or to school with our friends.

I am sad for these parents, for the families of the courageous teachers, and for the Lanza family who lost their innocence too. I am sad for American children – who will never know the freedom I had.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. hi JM, what happened in Newtown is a sad reality … today is a very delicate moment for all parents all over. i myself feel this burden to keep protecting my children, even if they are not kids anymore. it is the heart of being given the privilege to be a parent.

    • My mother is and was wonderful. I know I am kidding myself thinking the world was a nicer place, but I do think parents could feel safer back then. School was always a safe place – and my mother still reminds me to zip up – so you are right, it’s a life long job. Thanks for sharing my grief.

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