Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter happen in a life time. I am now in the Fall of my life. Wow did it come fast. Those of you in the spring of your life may be just too young to grasp the meaning of this. Many of you in the Summer may just be starting to have an awareness of the temporal nature of life.

The fall is sweet smelling and crunchy. A crisp wind feels good crossing my face and I like wearing a fleece vest. The sky seems that much bluer when everything around is orange and yellow. I’ve learned how to savor what ever is happening now.

In what ever season you are in, I hope you are fully engaged.

Oh, the picture – my husband and I in the Summer of our life when fall was something that came each November.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

  1. You made me stop and reflect which is always good. I ‘think’ I’m starting the winter of my life, maybe I’m at the end of fall, but either way I’m engaged. Thanks for letting me stop to think about staying engaged.

    • Hi Judy
      It’s something huh, how we ended up here? My mom is so busy with sewing, swimming, and a theatre group that I have to make dates to see her. Makes me feel good to know her life is full, as is mine with artwork, photography & the outdoors, my kayak. I don’t know if the weekly challenge was thinking about this definition of changing seasons, but it’s worth reflecting on. Life can be sweet even when we are over 50!

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