In Search of the Black Backed Woodpecker


When I started kayaking I didn’t realize I was a birder. Birders are those crazy people who will drive for hours to peep over the fence of a back yard to see a bird that was swept in by a storm or got lost along the way. They count them and revel in the rare bird sighting.

A kayak is in my eyes essential birding equipment. It allows you to float up and sit right there with them. My friend Paul convinced me that we needed to get up at 3 am to drive two hours to Vermont so we could be there as the sun was coming up to see black backed woodpeckers found in that area. Being a Kayak Birder I agreed.

We never saw the bird, but did hear a whole lot of wood pecking going on. BANG BANG BANG TAP TAP – Wood peckers are amazing creatures. I can’t imagine how they don’t end up with one heck of a head ache. Another marvel of nature.

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