What is the Top Ten on your Bucket List?

I’ve always had a bucket list only I called it ‘Goals for the Year’. I make a list of simple things like “kayak six new rivers” then set it aside. I look at it again the following year. It really does help to make dreams come true.

So here’s the top ten on my current bucket list:

1. Travel to India – for the hustle, bustle, animals and colorful way of life.
2, Take a photo tour in Africa – (Lions and tigers and bears oh my! need I say more?)
3, Sail on the entire Maine windjammer fleet – To feel the wind beneath my wings on 24 ships
4. See the Spirit Bear in British Columbia – I tried. He wasn’t around. So Try Try again.
5. See the huge tortoise on the Gallapagos Islands. – So big so old so beautiful.
6. Take one month to travel across the united states – in a small camper with my camera.
7. See one of each of all species of owls – I’ve seen 4 so far . . . .
8. Take dressage lessons on the back of an Andelusian horse from a master in Portugal.
9. Take a sailing vacation in the Azores to see huge pods of dolphins and whales.
10. Travel to China to paint their mysterious mountains.

Right now I’m working on number three. Next summer I’m sailing on the Grace Bailey and Stephen Tabor. What’s on your list?

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