Hey There Teddy!


Momma Grizzly feeds her cubs. There are actually two in the picture. They are so cute, I hope they make it to adulthood. The schooner Maple Leaf drifts in the background. It was late in the day and my telephoto got wet the day before so I only had a short lens (105mm).

Ah the photographic blows that life deals!

Momma G was out with the kids feasting on yucky rotting salmon. Mm mm Good.

2 thoughts on “Hey There Teddy!

    • No. I had a nice false sense of security in that I was in a zodiak with a 40 hp motor. I felt sure she wouldn’t swim toward us. I was sure there was no way I would get between the mother and cubs. It was a wonderful experience to watch these guys romp in the tide line.

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