Finding Art in Unexpected Places – Moooooooo!


Are you one of those people who ride by a field, see a cow, and just have to bellow out Moooooo?

I came home from a business trip at 10:00 at night to find Daisy peeking around the side of my house in my back yard. She was an all gray, life size, but lifeless fiberglass cow form.

My husband worked for a “little old lady” who said she was one of the forms for the Cows on Boston art show. I guess artists painted cows all these psychedelic colors and they were placed all over Boston then auctioned off for charity.

Daisy was intended for the show but she never made it because the old lady’s daughter the artist got sick. The little old lady didn’t have the heart to send Daisy to the dump. She thought my husband would take good care of her and gave her to him.

I like to paint, so I gave Daisy a makeover. She’ll go to our small town parade, and an antique gas engine show to hang out by the ice cream maker for the kiddies to enjoy. What a life.

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