If you ever get a chance to visit the Britannia Mine Museum do it. We took a ride in a tunnel train. They spared us a ride in the the car that the miners rode in. Good thing because I would have been pounding the sides with claustrophobia.

The tour was very interesting. These men worked in the damp dark, or by candlelight all day. I guess the only light they saw was at sunrise, or sunset.

The tools they used were loud and they didn’t know enough to wear ear protection back then. They also inhaled a good bit of silica dust so it was very common for them to have bronchial issues, often fatal if they had been at it a while. It is a dangerous job but look at anything metal and you’ll realize they made it possible for anything you own that is metal.

The town also had a story to tell. The people who lived there came in by a steam ship because the sea to sky highway was not built until 1958. They were pretty much an isolated community and their way of life changed when the road went in. They had May day celebrations with a copper crowned queen, much like a homecoming high school celebration only the whole town participated.

The mining companies of course support the museum so the tour was presented all in a very positive light. Our guide was well educated and had a good sense of humor. We like to learn a bit of history about where ever we travel. This really gave me a sense for the roots of the area

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